Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hot Child In The City: Literally, It Is So Hot.

After a humid May day in STL, I thought I'd share my frizzy hair and fake tan with you all. A little heat goes a long way (apparently, so do 3 Pearl Vodka cocktails) and I was feeling it today. I've probably never been so close to shaving my head. In this humidity, I swear I can feel every dead end - which reminds me: Kristen, I cut off a chunk of my hair with kitchen shears. 

Fake Classes x ???
T-Shirt x Target Style
Skirt x Express
Cardigan x Target Style (This is a 1X from the Plus Size Department)
Nude Peep-Toe Booties x ShoeDazzle
Gold Bracelts x Michael Kors & Forever 21
Fake Tan x Jergens Natural Glow
Bag x Urban Outfitters

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Equipped for Summer

Now that Memorial Day weekend has passed, Summer is in full effect. The streets are flooded with crop tops in every shape, size and color paired with swing skirts, hotpants, minis and, the king queen of the season, denim shorts. Quite a few hikes, long walks Downtown St. Louis and a long trip to Michigan are in my future, and if I don't start prepping now I'm going to be really. bad. at Summer.

Short-shorts have never been my thing, and after a couple decades of trying I still haven't figured out cutoffs - so this year, I've teamed up with Levi's 501 to find the perfect pair for hiking, biking, beach-side bonfires along the shore of Lake Michigan and casual gelato runs in the city.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Red Summer Maxi Dress (I mean Skirt.)

Once April hits, my calendar starts to fill itself with fundraisers, charity events and trunk shows. I have a hard enough time picking out my daily work looks, so selecting 2-5 extra ensembles a week has been daunting. Now more than ever, I'm learning to diversify the way I wear my clothes. Looking at my wardrobe in a new way has provided me with a few tricks, like wearing this beautiful red summer maxi dress from Clr-Mnstr has a skirt. I still have a few key pieces to collect, but I'm feeling better and better about my closet.

red summer maxi dress - st louis shopping and fashion

Jacket x BCBG
Red Summer Maxi Dress x Clr-Mnstr
T-Shirt x Lauren B.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Easy Weekend Outfit: Cashmere and Chambray

We're about knee-deep into event season at ALIVE, so nights and weekends have been chock full of festivities. I'm perpetually sleepy, but filled to the brim with inspiration and aspiration. Combined with Mars in retrograde I've been feeling disconnected from friends and family. Human interaction was a must, and who better to share it with than a few fellow bloggers. In preparation for Mode Media's upcoming guide to 20 US Cities, we roamed the streets of Downtown STL in search of little gems that show off St. Louis' architecture, history and of course - the beautiful red brick. We had no probably finding great backdrops, but this alleyway behind my loft building may have been my favorite.

Supposedly, it's Spring, but here in St. Louis it's feeling more like Fall - not that anyone is surprised. With temps in the 50's, something easy, chic and a tad cozy was in my future.

easy weekend outfit - cashmere and chambray

Dress x Target Style
Sweater x Urban Outfitters
Shoes x Jeffrey Campbell
Bag x Target Style

Monday, May 12, 2014

Top 3 Underground Online Fashion Retailers For Shopping On a Budget

If you've found yourself disappointed when browsing Urban Outfitters and TopShop in search of something fresh, cool and under $75, I can totally relate. When you're surfing through a sea of poor quality jersey knit crop tops and chiffon high-lows, it's easy to get a little discouraged. These top underground retailers are here to shine a light on your fashion woes.

Price Point:
Aesthetic: Contemporary, Avant Garde Ready-to-Wear
Biggest Pro: Runway-Worthy Staple Pieces Under $100
Biggest Con: Lots of Out-of-Stock Listings

Top Underground Fashion Retailers - Online Shopping Websites - Front Row Shop
Love this? Love it more now that you know it's $57? Me too. Get this layered orange peplum pencil skirt here.
This spot is for those of us who have as our homepage, The Hunt in our bookmarks and Threadflip on our to-do list. Runway worthy and wallet friendly, Front Row Shop is a dream come true for contemporary-loving trendsetters. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ela: Ela & Martin Aldorsso

Late this March, I had the opportunity to interview Ela and Martin Aldorsson, the duo behind Ela. If you're looking for a new Spring staple, look no further than their Jungle Punk SS14 collection. 

The Aldorssons embrace something they call "Humble Luxury", or a minimalist approach to the finer things in life - from your wardrobe to the way great design in the smallest capacity elevates your lifestyle.

Learn more about the duo and their approach to design below.

Ela Martin Aldorsso Interview

-Yours is a love story, both for each other and for design. How did you meet?Martin and I met in passing at a restaurant in London, England. At the time, I was moving from London to Toronto and Martin was moving from New York City to London.

Ela and Martin Aldorsson

-How did you come to the decision to work together on Ela?Both Martin and I come from very entrepreneurial families, so to have our own business was always the ultimate goal. We have both spent almost 10 years working for other companies in the business so we were ready for the venture. The decision for launching a handbag brand was the opportunity that we saw in the affordable luxury segment of the business that bridged the gap between fast fashion and luxury. We wanted to offer pieces that were high in quality, authentic in design, functional and approachable that I myself was looking for.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Style: An Envy Inducing Winter Coat from Oasis

Coat season is coming to an end, so I had to play a quick tribute to this beautiful piece gifted to me by Oasis and Style House PR! It's a gorgeous coat and I always get a ton of compliments. (Also, my sister tried to steal it.) My man and I spent a day at Shaw Park with the pup. The park is named after Patrick's Great Grandfather, so we just had to take little Sophie there!

Denim x Geranium
Fly Knits x Nike
Scarf x Clr-Mnstr